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     The cleaners from Carpet Cleaning Friern Barnet did a fantastic job. There was a lot of work that needed to be done. Certain parts of my house were in a real state. I wanted them to clean the whole house and pay special attention to those problem areas like the bathroom and kitchen. They did so and did so superbly, made those areas, and every other room in my house sparkle and shine. It was a great service which I got for a great price too.
Sam R19/05/2020
     The only carpet cleaning that my friends and family use. Great company!
Fred R.20/09/2019
     My partner and I brought in Carpet Cleaning Services Friern Barnet to give our house a good clean in preparation for selling the house. The cleaners did some wonderful work with all the rooms and we are now confident that our house can attract some buyers. Couldn't have done it without them!
Georgia Best15/09/2017
     I'm a single mom and usually don't have enough time for cleaning. Carpet Cleaning Services Friern Barnet help me maintain a clean home. Their cleaners are so helpful and work very efficiently. One of the best and cheapest agencies you can find in London!
Kate L.07/12/2016
     Builders came to our place and didn't clean up after themselves. It was a pain because we had guests over very soon and couldn't do all the cleaning ourselves. We went to the professionals at Friern Barnet Carpet Cleaning C and they were able to provide us cleaners within 48 hours. We are so impressed and will recommend them to anyone!
     Last week I was having a party at home but I didn't have time, between the party planning, work and kids to get my home in the top shape I wanted it to be. It was a last minute call I placed to FriernBarnetCarpetCleaners but they were happy to fit me in. Their cleaning crew of two came in two in the afternoon and by four, I had a spic and span home that smelled amazingly fresh. I couldn't thank them enough for transforming my home like they did. They are definitely going to be my go-to people in case of any cleaning crisis!
Rosie R.18/02/2015
     We'd been on the lookout for professional cleaner for a while, but had been struggling to think about whether we could actually afford it. We gave FriernBarnetCarpetCleaners a call anyway, just to get a feel for the prices. They were far lower than we were expecting, especially after hearing all of the plaudits and compliments laid at their feet. They understood our worries and found us a service and a price which was ideal. Now, we're more than happy and will be using them for a long while, I'm sure.
Jill Perkins07/01/2015
     I thought that having a cleaner around was going to be a problem - that and I don't have the space, I have to use it for painting and when there's a lot of stuff going on around you need stuff to get sorted out pretty quick. I called FriernBarnetCarpetCleaners anyways and they were really really good, they came across and even my dog was alright with them! I think he even took to them, which is rare for him! But they did actually do a really good job I'm going to hire them every week for the same type of stuff. It's a lot better than worrying about the mess and I'm glad I gave them a call, thanks!
Nae T.23/10/2014
     I wanted to surprise my girlfriend on her first visit to my flat of how clean and tidy I kept it. Of course it was reasonable but probably not to her standard, so I decided to hire some extra help. I hired FriernBarnetCarpetCleaners and they did a great job. The helpful office arranged a date and service to suit my budget. The cleaners arrived on time, dressed in smart work uniform and with plenty of tackle to get my place sorted. The team worked hard, scrubbing, rinsing, dusting and vacuuming. The end result was great, and it really impressed my girlfriend.
Barry Frank12/06/2014

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